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The series begins with Rolland Wright, a teenager struggling with homelessness, discovering a secret ability to control time. He is whisked away by mysterious strangers who identify as the Knights of Time to a place they call Eden, which exists outside time and space.  On a rebellious whim, Rolland sends the Knights back in time where they must battle pirates, Elemenos, and the evil Andrew Jackson to return home. 

After escaping imprisonment, Rolland is due to begin his training at the prestigious Academy of Light. While learning to control his extraordinary abilities, Rolland must also navigate more ordinary teenage pursuits - first love, fitting in, and finding himself. Meanwhile, the Knights of Time are scattered throughout the Time Stream. Judah & Joan Raines appear on 1930's Lae Island to locate the infamous pilot, Amelia Earhart. Yet unbeknownst to them, a familiar face is tracking their every movement, searching for a piece to the mysterious Project Dreamcoat. On the hunt for a missing comrade, the remaining Knights hurtle toward 1803 Haiti in the midst of a violent revolution. As these events unfold, Edward Vilthe stalks the shadows, slowly implementing his master plan.

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Time is relative concerning the lost colony

In the third installment of the series, the Knights of Time chase Vilthe to to the mysterious Roanke colony. 

Expected to be released in early 2019.