New Beginnings

A new year, a new chance to make all of the same mistakes from 2016 again, right? Well, if you're like me and a couple of the other billion people walking this Earth then you've managed to trick yourself into believing that 2017 will be better through your own actions. This magical bit of self delusion? The New Years Resolution.

"But BMW, why are you writing about New Years Resolutions on January 31st. Isn't that too late in the month?"

Depends entirely on your perspective. Look, I'm not a perfect guy. Hyper-responsible? Yes (my neurosis manifests itself through knowing most bills are paid months in advance - just in case I am hit by a bus). A consistent writer? You're damn straight! If I don't write at least 2,000 words every day I feel GUILTY for going to sleep at night. But perfect? Hell no.

Yes, dear reader, my faults are just as numerous as your own, but they lay not with 'adult' responsibilities, or with my life's passions. They are, and always have been, with keeping... A BLOG. 

* Cue 1950's drive-in horror music set to the theme of The Blob* 
* Insert sound effect of screaming teenage girl - maybe a mental clip of the Marshmallow man from Ghost-busters destroying New York City* 

See? I'm already off topic; because you see, dear reader, I have a problem with relaxation - mostly that I don't know how to engage with it to get to it's sweet, chocolatey center. High functioning anxiety is terrible in that respect, but it's something I know needs to be worked on, and (coming full circle now) what better time than New Years? 

SO! Here is my proposal. I will do my absolute best to write a blog entry for this site every week. Some will be good, some will be bad (we may even re-visit decade era movies again); but they WILL exist. I've made enough jokes at George RR Marin's expense that his website resembles the original Space Jam website more than a professional author's page. If the man can inspire me to create my own world, be overly kind to wild animals, and wear fisherman's hats while living in the desert (seriously... why...?) then I can take one more lesson from Martin.

In summation, 2017 - I'm ready for you! George RR Martin - I apologize for your fashion sense. Let's go buy clothes together; I know of a great place that sells orange parkas in Colorado. A funny little town called South Peak, or something. =- ) 

Until next time... 

 - The Architect of Eden -