1980s Movie May

Unintentionally I have watched a whole slew of 1980s movies this month. Most of these my wife had never seen (as she wasn't around in the decade in question). Being a byproduct of this bygone era I feel a small, if not fortuitous connection to this group of films. So, deciding to lean into it I'm notating my thoughts. Perhaps you too have some thoughts of your own? Sound off in the comments.  

The Breakfast Club - Jon Hughes most iconic film would never work in our current world of cell phones and tablet computers. Yet it was only ten years ago (2005) that High School Musical made it once again socially acceptable for teens to spontaneously dance in public. I've never seen that crap, but I know that Michelle Rodriguez's current girlfriend (Efron) is no Judd Nelson. So, unless his character, again, of which I couldn't name if my life depended on it, shows off a cigar burn and tells an upbeat, Disney inspired interpretive dance about how misunderstood his abusive father is (come to think of it, South Park already did this...) then The Breakfast Club of 1984 takes the teen iconic crown. 

Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters II - Watching these movies as an adult I couldn't help but notice a few things (call them nitpicky if you must). #1 - it felt like Bill Murray was phoning it in during his performance in both films. #2 - Sigourney Weaver had nearly the EXACT same plot in both movies, which is super lame considering she starred in the Alien franchise as an ass-kicking super scientist. #3 - Slimer was SUPER lame and I can't quite fathom how he became such a huge cultural icon. 

Labyrinth - Muppets! Jim Henson called David Bowie and history was made in the form of child abduction, rock-star taunting, and underage mental torture of a future Oscar winning actress. I'm not sure if I'm weird for liking this film, or if others are missing out. Frank Oz is a wizard (pardon the pun) but the real genius was Jim Henson. That baby looked so real! The things that man can do with fabric...

Trading Places - Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd manipulate the commodity market. Twist: on r/TodayILearned I read an article about how the scheme used by the duo in the film's climax was technically valid, legal, and used once before being outlawed a year following the film's release. Life imitating art is so much more satisfying that the opposite.Question: When did Eddie Murphy stop being funny? 
Blues Brothers - Bunch of musical icons making appearances before a car chase. Rinse, repeat. Great flick.
The Princess Bride - In my humble opinion this is THE best movie that was produced in the 1980s. Recently I finished reading Cary Elwes' book As You Wish, which chronicles the making of The Princess Bride film from its early adaptation of William Goldman's novel to the fateful day Elwes got the tragic news of Andre the Giant's death. Fun facts - Elwes stole a four-wheeler on the set of the film and broke his toe. Several of scenes feature a hobbling Wesley. Also, the scene where the six fingered man bops Wesley over the head? Yeah, Elwes woke up in the hospital for the second time in as many weeks (the first being his broken toe). When I grow up, I want to party like a 1980s actor.
Plan to watch:
Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Who doesn't smile while watching this movie? I mean, honestly.

TBD - Suggestions are welcome to finish out the month. I was probably thinking Caddyshack or Adventures in Babysitting.