Thank You, Dave

            I was raised by my great-grandparents, meaning that they were in their mid to late seventies when I was in the single digits. Because of this I have certain unique traits that normally only come to those who have gained experience and wisdom enough to justify their existence. Except this one.

            The Late Show with David Letterman shoots its final taping tomorrow, May 20, 2015. Aside from being an iconic comedian that brought absurd insights into our homes for the last thirty years, Letterman's character remains a topic of hot debate. This post isn't about that. This post is about how much I appreciate David Letterman for what he is, and what The Late Show has meant to me since I began watching it with my great-grandparents in 1994 - the last link of a current running entity that brought us together. A link to the past. Today I am an adult working for both the United States federal government, and as a fantasy fiction author; yet every time I see David Letterman's face I am reminded of both my childhood, and my late great-grandparents love. I remember Larry 'Bud' Melmon and Biff Henderson being sent to the Super Bowl to ask absurd questions to coaching assistants. Gags at the Hello Deli, the drive-thru taco incident (in which Dave filled his entire convertible with taco bell tacos), and stupid human/pet tricks were nightly events that my unconventional family looked forward to together. I was probably the only kid in first grade allowed to stay up until the top ten list every night. Looking back, I guess I was a pretty lucky kid. But like all good things, The Late Show with David Letterman must also come to an end.

            So, with a head held high and a heavy heart I salute the career and legacy of David Letterman, the Late Show cast and crew, and thank all of them for giving me so many memories that transcend this illusion called time.